Benefits of Underground Sprinkler Systems

So you want to go away on summer vacation for a week but you wonder who can water the lawn while you are gone.  You could ask your neighbor or a family member or just let it go and hope it survives.  But why not chuck all those ideas and consider installing a sprinkler system instead?  This way you can set everything automatically to take care of your lawn and your plants even after you return from your fun in the sun.

Landscaping is a large part of the equity and curb appeal of your home.  By installing an underground watering system assures you that you are preserving and enhancing your investment.  No matter what your watering needs – lawn, plants, shrubs or trees there is a system that is right for you.  With the professionally installed system you will be able to control exactly the amount of water needed for each area and when to set the best time to deliver it.  This is possible to do manually but not nearly as accurate and for the difference in money why would you want to.

One of the main benefits of an automatic sprinkling system is that may use a little more water than a manual system but the water more adequately supplies the landscape with what it needs.  To give you an idea, automatic ground sprinklers supply 47% of water needed for sufficient plant growth to only 39% supplied doing it manually.  Other benefits is your system can be designed to take into account weather conditions, sunlight, rain, property slopes and plant conditions.

Sure, you can go to a big box store and purchase everything you need to do an underground installation – technically.  But why would you?  Because any money your save doing it yourself in the short run may cost you dearly in the long run due to incorrect installation of which you may not even be aware until too late.  The job really is a mass undertaking and there are many things to take into consideration as we described above.  It is really more than just digging a trench and burying some lines.

A professional can assume all that responsibility and help you choose the best and most affordable system for your home.

There are popup sprinklers, spray systems, and drip irrigation systems for your flower beds or garden.  Drip systems use less water but the type of soil you have, your landscaping and climate determine the best type of system for your environment.  The professional will come in and assess your yard in order to plan a watering pattern, check your water meter size, service line and flow rates to determine what type of system your home will accommodate.

Once they have gathered the information they will lay out a plan that takes into consideration your yard, sidewalks, fences, hardscapes, slopes and other peculiarities that may affect water flow.  They will look at the soil in various parts of the yard to reduce chances of over watering and eliminate runoff.  Before they begin digging up your yard to lay pipes they will check with power and cable companies to avoid hitting any buried lines and they will obtain all necessary permits.  These are just a few reasons why hiring a professional to do the job is not just a good idea, it is a great idea.

Caring for your plants, protecting your landscape investment and using water conservatively are not mutually exclusive.  Leave it to the professionals to get the job done.