How to create and mantain an exciting California home garden

Transforming A Boring Outside Garden

You have been putting it off for a couple of months now.  The wife has been on your case, but on your list of priorities it has been a little lower than cleaning the garage, putting away your winter toys, or trying out that new fishing rod.  It’s late Spring and can no longer be ignored.  It’s time to resurrect the backyard patio with a new face-lift.  Like any large project, the thought of it might be overwhelming.  But, like eating an elephant, it’s not bad if you just take one bite at a time.

If you are living in San Diego and looking for landscape services to create an eye-catching decorative garden, there are plenty of ways to make your patio look impressive.  In addition to comfortable patio furniture, there are fountains, birdbaths, arbors, cupolas, bird feeders, pots, plants, planter boxes and the list goes on.  There is nothing more soothing than the quiet sound of water trickling through a fountain or down a waterfall.

To do it right you need a professional landscaper that has been in business a while and can be a one stop shop.  You have to look no further than Progreen Gardener, we serve all of San Diego.  They have been providing lawn and landscaping services for businesses and residents since ?

Are you looking for some outdoor garden plants like ivy topiaries as something to groom and enjoy while relaxing in your new back yard?  These groomed plants can be used to create a distinctive look whether you enjoy classic, rustic or modern.  They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and are small enough to sit on an outside table or used as a grand accent for your backyard entrance.  These topiaries come in shapes of balls, hearts, animals, wreathes, cones and candleholders.

Another fantastic way to embolden your outside décor is with the use of garden planters.  They have become a popular décor that adds beauty, especially if emblazoned with bold colors, and appeal and comfort as well.  Planters can be used for shrubs, trees, flowers, and plants.  They come in a huge variety of styles and color and materials.

These are just a few examples of the things to consider when rejuvenating a boring backyard, but it is probably a pretty good start.  Begin by picking out a focal point, whether it is a structure like a gazebo, a beautiful ceramic planter, a quiet fountain, or a fire pit.  Determine where you are going to place that focal point then design the rest of your patio garden from there.

Then when your wife asks what’s on your agenda next weekend, you will be able to throw her off guard by telling her she just became top priority!  You have contacted Progreen Gardeners and they will be out with a new landscape design next week.  Next project?