Does your lawn need some maintenance? Our landscape team members are best at what they do!

Here at ProGreenGardener, we feel pride in providing the best suitable service to fulfill the demands of our customers. We have the knowledge of all the trees, fruits, and plants that are found in La Mesa. It does not matter if you need the weekly maintenance service or a full yard clean-up, we will be there to help you and we will do it in style. We provide various services including sprinkler repair, irrigation service, and landscape services. Here is some more information on the services we provide.
sprinkler repair la mesa, caSprinkler Repair
A lot of effort is needed to maintain a good-looking landscaped yard. A correctly installed irrigation system, be it a drip irrigation system for plants or a sprinkler system for your lawns, is the finest way to keep your plants and turf robust. Beautiful plants and trees not only make your house look pleasant but also increase its intrinsic value. Broken feeder hoses, blocked sprinkler heads, and faulty valves are hindrances in your way to a lovely looking lawn. We offer our services as a sprinkler repair company, fix them for you and provide regular maintenance and upgrade services to keep the water supply smoothly running.
Irrigation service
ProGreenGardener works as an irrigation company and offers perfect irrigation systems for your lawns. We have licensed professionals who install irrigation systems, provide maintenance and upgrade the installed systems. You can call us and avail our starter offer that includes:
• making the irrigation system operational
• checking the sprinklers and realigning for accurate coverage
• setting up the timer for a season
• examining the overall system
• detecting if any repair is needed
We offer services for sprinkler maintenance and upgrade. Sometimes underground lines crack due to harsh weather change and this needs to be fixed on high priority basis especially in summer, when your plants need an efficient water supply. We are just a call away no matter it is about installing new systems or repair and maintenance of old.
We set up water schedule for the whole year and make sure your plants receive a balanced supply of water through all seasons. Regular checks to ensure proper working of sprinklers is also included in our services. We work efficiently, check backflow connections, change sprinkler heads and adjust water supply in order to keep the system in its best shape.
landscape service la mesa, caLandscape services
ProGreenGardener, a first-rate landscape contractor La Mesa, California, provides excellent landscape services in San Diego. We have a highly experienced and skillful team who know what exactly your free space needs. Our landscape company designs and develops beautiful landscapes which give residential and commercial spaces an improved look. We use different types of rocks and develop unique designs throughout the lawn and fix paving stones for walkways and patio areas. Landscapes which often look dull and boring come alive with beautiful techniques which, usually, do not cost much.
Some aspects which we consider while designing your landscape include, the exact design of the landscape, choosing the best trees and shrubs, selecting the color of the rock, gravel and flat stone and the irrigation system.