ProGreens Gardeners sprinkler systems is fully aware of the common problems with your sprinkler systems. We also know that accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. So, we offer emergency services. For your sprinkler systems in San Diego, feel free to give us a call if you have any issue.

Number 1-Materials and Replacement Parts

One of the main factor to keep into account when pricing your sprinkler repair cost in San Diego is to determine which kind of materials and replacement parts, this can definitely make a big impact of cost of the sprinkler repair project. We use modern materials of the best quality available in the market. These always have a lot of advanced features and are procured from reliable and reputable sources. Starting from minor renovations to commercial installations, Progreen Gardeners’ sprinkler repair experts are fully capable of handling every home or business sprinkler problem you may have.


Something else to keep into consideration for estimating your Sprinkler Repair cost in San Diego is the manpower. Yes, for small or simple projects you may be able to save some money if you are capable of doing the fixes yourself, some simple repairs are straightforward and you can find aid using different tutorials from Youtube. Progreen Gardeners has a team of dependable and highly competent technicians who can deal with all types of broken rotors and valves of all sizes, lateral pipes and wiring-related issues. Apart from this, we repair and re-configure controllers, plan re-routes, do lateral testing, install rain-freeze sensors and pump stations.

3-Price may vary from company to company

Every company or individual may give you a different price based on how much experience they have, how busy they are at the moment, or how far in advance you make an appointment. Here are some numbers you can expect for a home Sprinkler Repair cost in San Diego. The price can vary between $75 to $250 for small to medium size projects or more for large size sprinkler repair projects. It all depends on how big the situation is, how long we will have to work to solve the issue and the parts that will be used.  Progreen Gardeners doesn’t charge a travel fee and is always very competitive with other prices on the market. Some businesses charge customers without the customer knowing. Be sure to ask all the details when it comes to pricing ahead of time to see if it benefits you. You can always find someone local like us, that is if you are in San Diego. Call Us for a free evaluation for your Home Sprinkler Repair cost in San Diego.