Landscape Construction

  • Hardscape lawn maintenance gardener
  • Paver patio and driveway
  • Garden Bed Edging
  • Landscape gravers or decomposed granite
  • Stepping Stone Patio
  • Sod Installation and Removal
  • Draining Systems
  • Other Services

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Lawn Maintenance

  • Slop Clean Up
  • Cut Bushes Edges
  • Shrubs Removal
  • Spring Clean Up
  • Sprinkler Repair
  • Valve and underground pipelines
  • Sprinkler Digital Timer
  • Garden and bed maintenance
  • Lawn fertilizer and lawn treat

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sprinkler repair san diego

Irrigation Service

The proper irrigation system can assure that your garden stays fresh and beautiful. Contact us if you have any leak on your valve (manifold) sprinkler heads or a broken line. If your house water pressure is too high it will need a pressure regulator, a water hammer can cause damage to the property. A Drip System is a nice way to water plants directly.

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Lawn Care

We offer regular lawn maintenance through all San Diego County. Our maintenance crew know exactly what it needs and will make sure that you have a nice green looking lawn. Watering a lawn to much can cause your lawn to look yellow and cause saturation, thats why our experts will walk you through the proses.

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Residential Service

Progreen Gardener has plenty of experience and superior customer service for residencial landscape maintenance. We have been working with San Diego home owners for years, we love sharing with you our knowledge and experience for Landscape Design and Irrigation Systems.

Commercial Service

Contact Progreen Gardeners for any landscape service related to landscape design and maintenance or irrigation system for Commercial properties. We worked designing and maintaining Office building’s plans and flowers, Shopping Mall, Gas stations and others.


Progreen Gardeners was developed by HDZlandscape. Our main focus is on lawn care, plant flowerbeds, valve sprinkler head, pressure regulated, drip system, underground PVC main line to the house and outside, everything that Is related with water. Save water, save money!

We provide each one of our clients with a personalized service, which allows them to implement the best solution for their lawn. We offer a variety of professional services for Commercial and Residential properties.