Onsite Consultation:

sprinkler repair san diegoMaintaining a beautiful landscaped yard requires constant care and hard work.  The best way to keep your turf and plants healthy is by maintaining a properly installed irrigation system whether it is a sprinkler system for your lawn or a drip irrigation system for your plants.  A healthy green lawn and flourishing plants not only beautify your home but add to its intrinsic value as well.  To keep your landscape beautiful it is necessary to maintain your irrigation systems and keep them in good working order.  Broken sprinkler heads, blocked feeder hoses, broken valves all can cause issues with keeping that lawn green or those plants blooming.


  • Lawn Irrigation Repair
  • Sprinkler Systems Repair
  • Landscape Lighting Repair
  • Drainage Systems Repair
  • Drip Irrigation Systems Repair

New Installation 

  • Lawn Irrigation Installation
  • Sprinkler Systems Installation
  • Landscape Lighting Installation
  • Drainage Systems Installation


  • Tree & Shrub Inspection
  • Spring Feeding
  • Early Season Growth Protection
  • Foliage Protection
  • Lawn Care Fertilization
  • Root Area Fertilization
 If you hired a professional landscaper to install your system good for you.  If you did not or you purchased a home with a system already installed and your water system needs tuning or repair, consider hiring a professional service like ProGreen Gardner to set things correctly.  Sprinklers that are used regularly over time will develop issues and need to be checked regularly for maintenance purposes.  An automatic sprinkler system makes having a nice healthy lawn a lot easier but you have to perform routine maintenance.  Things like checking and monitoring water usage, checking for sprinkler heads that are over spraying or not spraying at all, plugged up lines and so forth.  By hiring a professional periodically to check your system you could end up saving hundreds of dollars on maintenance and water bills.

At ProGreen Gardner we can supply all your sprinkler maintenance and repair needs.  There is no job too small.  Perhaps you just need the system set up after winter and to get it adjusted to work more efficiently.  Or maybe you had some underground lines crack due to a harsh climate change.  Regardless of what your issue is, we have you covered.  You might find dry spots on your lawn and try to fix it by watering it more or throwing fertilizer on it with no positive results.  Give us a call.  It could be something as simple as adjusting or replacing a sprinkler head or changing some other setting.

If you would like a licensed, professional service to make sure your watering system is in good working order call ProGreen Gardner today for our special sprinkler starter offer, which includes the following:

  • Turn on water to irrigation system
  • Check sprinklers for proper coverage
  • Adjust sprinklers as necessary
  • Set timer box for proper season

We also notify you if there are any necessary repairs needed to your system with our start-up offer.

If you would like to continue with our services we would design a plan that includes checking for proper water production by measuring your water output.  We set up the proper water schedule for each time of the year to make sure your system is operating efficiently during any season.  We periodically check the system for any spraying issues or damaged sprinkler heads.  We also check spray patterns and backflow connections to make sure everything is current and up to code.

We realize we have competition in the landscape business, but we consider ourselves the best.  Our professional landscapers treat our customers with the utmost respect they deserve and will often go above and beyond.  Give ProGreen Gardner an opportunity to add you to our satisfied customer list and find out for yourself.

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